Hi everyone, I apologize for not writing, but I have been out of town. As, I have mentioned before, I have lymphedema with 30-79% of my weight being water. I went back to Pittsburgh, PA to visit family and friends and was hoping the low altitude would help. Boy was I wrong! The low altitude and humidity of Pittsburgh actually made my condition worse, not to mention how it affected my arthritis. Yeow! My hands and rest of body were so swollen with fluid with the arthritis in my knees worse – I walked slower in Pittsburgh, than I do in the higher altitude of Colorado. However, the train trip was wonderful, so relaxing and I got good work outs going up and down the stairs for meals and bathroom breaks. All in all a good trip – I know I can travel!!!


About Karen Kosinski

Author, Beatles Ethnographer, holds an MA in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society
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