Healing my writing blocks

Recently, I have been dealing with the healing of my writing blocks.  In working on this, I have had some wonderful insights.

In regard to my writing, I have been putting off working on my book for quite some time.  I start and stop.  My main problem is “who cares?”  Will the world be a better place because of my book?  Not necessarily.  Will my book cure the ills of the world, of people?  No, not necessarily.  Will my book help in understanding others?  Well, yes, perhaps.   Then, in my mind, my book has purpose, it has a mission, so to speak.    This, in and of itself, is a great confidence booster.  It clears my mind, heart and soul regarding my work in progress.  Iit puts a fire into my work and all by just asking the questions, getting things clear in my own mind first.   Sometimes, you have to reach that dark night of the soul in order to see the daylight.  Questioning my motives in writing, I believe is essential to the writing itself.  Why am I working on this piece?  What do I hope to accomplish?  Setting a clear goal for the work is important.  As a writer, I need to know not only the agenda of the target audience, but my agenda as well.


About Karen Kosinski

Author, Beatles Ethnographer, holds an MA in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society
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